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Website Administration – The Nerve Centre of Many A Business

A typical modern website administration team wears many hats

Does your company or business have one or more people assigned to looking after your website on a permanent basis? If not, the chances are that you are not making full use of it or seriously under valuing its importance to the success of your business. Website administration to a lot of small companies starts off as a secondary role for some poor person within the company, but should and does grow into a full-time position in its own right very quickly as the website develops and takes on more and more of the businesses functionality. For a lot of businesses, the website administration team is the ‘nerve centre’, linked to each internal department and the new public face. A typical modern website administration team wears many hats – Company Receptionist, Sales Co-ordinator, Order Processor, Advertising Executive and Logistics Technician … are just a few examples. Website administration – make sure your developer has provided you with a control panel that enables your website to be wired to your business!

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