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If Saxon Websites™ were put on the spot and asked to specify a particular area where it excels – it would have to say, ‘in the design of E- Commerce websites. Creating a good E-Commerce website involves using every aspect of web design from clear navigation and customer-routing to dedicated form creation, data encryption, payment gateway integration, product/image presentation and a lot of sales marketing. Creating a professional E-Commerce website is probably amongst one of the most difficult types of websites to produce - simply because each store, or on-line shop, is required to perform and function depending on the range of products that it sells … and there are literally millions of products out there.

Drop ShippingDrop Shipping: With unlimited categories, manufacturers and products, our e-commerce solutions are ideal for Drop Shipping. Saxon Websites™ can offer up to date advice and configure your new website so that Drop Shipping is simple and easy to manage.

The term E-Commerce automatically conjures up images of consumer based online retail stores such as Amazon or Argos, but ‘E-commerce’ actually refers to any type of commercial transaction conducted over the internet and encompasses businesses like auction or music sites too (just a few examples). Businesses, both large and small, are rapidly understanding the clear competitive edge that E-Commerce provides in the form of quicker turn-over and product/service exposure and as such, many are adopting E-commerce strategies in favour of the more conventional methods of trading.

Effective E-Commerce solutions

- Talk with Saxon Websites™ about your new on-line shop, book an appointment today and find out how we can help!