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Friendly URLs

Sometimes called 'SEO Friendly URLs' (what we refer to as being 'friendly URLs'), are essentially page addresses on the internet that are created in order to be easily remembered and additionally be descriptive for purposes of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Take a look at the folowing two examples - they are both the same page:


The second of the above two addresses is considered a 'friendly URL' for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is more readable and has more meaning to people when used on a business card or in other marketing material. Secondly, it tells Google and other search engines what the page is about and how it fits into the websites overall strucure. In this example, it's suggesting that the page is about social marketing which can be found within the website design category. In a hierarchal context, the search engine will also gleen that social marketing is part of web design.

There is a basic, recommended structure to all URLs. This structure is not cast in stone and there may be variations (language/country/geographic versions etc...), but your pages address does matter. Many people underestimate the value of healthy, well structured, 'SEO friendly' page addresses, a common mistake and easily over-looked.

Web Address Structure

Saxon Websites™ ensures that your pages will automatically be generated dynamically in a way that best suites your company in regard to being friendly for marketing and the search engines alike. Structuring the website and creating relevant, meaningful web addresses, will affect both your rankings and marketing success.