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Corporate imaging – getting started

So how do we start getting your company onto the ladder leading towards gaining a corporate identity or achieving a corporate image? Well, we incorporate your ideas and designs into a ‘style-sheet’ and apply it to the website that we are building for you. It means that things like fonts, colour schemes and layout can be managed dynamically and helps to deliver your message more consistently. We then carefully look at your companies interaction with the customer and ensure that your forms, news-letters and down-loadable material all enforce that very same message.

Corporate imaging - getting started

We will advise you every step of the way armed with years of experience. One such example may be the use of a particular font or colour – although the one you have chosen is great … it may not be installed on client machines as standard and will probably, in a lot of cases, be replaced with a less effective alternative. In this instance, we will point this out and advise a different solution. This is a simple example agreed, but can make a big difference to your chances of success if over-looked.

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Creating a corporate image begins with your website