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Clients knock on our door for many different reasons and frustration caused by poorly constructed control panels ranks fairly high. Website administration is all about bringing everything together under one roof so the website can be effectively managed, and the key word is ‘effectively’ here – people do not want to have to plough through a thick instruction manual every time a simple operation is needed, or, have to perform 3 operations to get 1 thing done.

Many developers tend to forget about the importance to their clients of a ‘user-friendly’ interface because they get too engrossed with the front-end, the side of the website that is visible to the public. Website administration to them is merely an after-thought. Fortunately for our clients, our website designers put as much effort into website administration as they do for the rest of the site, ensuring that the many features that we build in … are easily found, are easily accessed, and in most cases, executed with the simple click of a button.

When Saxon Websites™ designs a business website, it is designed with functionality and usability in mind, hence, website administration is never a problem – we will have agreed and settled upon the type of interface that you would like before we even start … having shown you several different layouts and styles to choose from. Each CMS comes with its own-style control panel and in some cases our customers are happy and content with their new back office without modifications. In other cases, we will provide a website administration area that is completely re-styled, a website administration area that is customised and laid out exactly as requested by our client – we will make administering your website as easy and effortless as possible. Website administration should be easy – and it is easy … with a website designed by us.

Website Administration – Example Control Panels