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Latest Articles

Below you will find all of the articles, posts and bits of news splashed throughout the site all in one place – for your convenience and interest. Unfortunately, we have the comments disabled at the moment but do intend to turn them back on in the near future. Please feel free to have a browse, we hope you enjoy them.

Creating a corporate image begins with your website

Creating a corporate image begins with your website

We can get your website, your forms and your newsletters all singing in unison and from the same...

Top 10 Tips for E-Commerce Websites

Successful trading on the internet involves juggling many balls. Check-out our top 10 tips, ensuring...

Increased Sales Conversion – Typical Examples

Company 'C' was actually big in the US and they didn’t even know it. They asked for help...
Logos and Graphic Design, Free!

Logos and Graphic Design, Free!

Visually stimulating and pixel perfect - our team of Graphic Designers are experts in Photoshop...

Website Administration – The Nerve Centre

For a lot of businesses, the website administration team is the ‘nerve centre’, linked to each...

Using Google Adwords

With our help, Google Adwords could open up markets that you didn't even know existed...
HTML5 and CSS3

CSS3 and HTML5

HTML5 and CSS3 are two of many evolving languages that we regularly use. Keeping abreast of what...
Corporate imaging - getting started

Corporate imaging – getting started

So how do we start getting your company onto the ladder leading towards gaining a corporate identity?...

Website Administration – The Essentials

All website administration areas should have a basic set of essential elements – if yours lacks...
Popular Content Management Systems

Popular Content Management Systems

We have a wealth of experience using most of the popular Content Management Systems, allowing...

Understanding Sales Conversion

Saxon Websites™ can help you with your sales conversion because we have the experience...
Focus on Website Graphics

Focus on Website Graphics

Saxon Websites™ focuses solely on websites, so, when it comes to graphic design and company logos...