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Some businesses like to manage their own websites and others prefer to defer that responsibility, in order to concentrate on running other, percieved more important, aspects of their business. We, here at Saxon Websites™, are ok with both setups. Both of the aforementioned situations will, to varying degrees, run the risk of something going terribly wrong - mistakes DO happen! That idea, that looked great on paper - didn't quite work out, or, a lapse in security has led to the website becoming compromised ... whatever the cause, be assured that your new website will be safeguarded. Saxon Websites™ incorporates several levels of protection into its websites and having the ability to easily 'roll back' to a previous safe point ... well, we have that covered for you, naturally.

Types of Backup Provided

Handy to have a cure in your back pocket
  • Server Backup: All of our servers are backed up on a daily basis, some, several times a day. Reverting to an earlier version of your website is easily achieved should something go horribly wrong - provided of course, we are managing your files and underlying database.
  • Backup Plugins: As a backup to the backup, in most cases we will include a built-in, scheduled plugin component to your website so that the administrator can easily 'roll back' without the need to contact us. This is often setup with notifications for your assurance and accountability requirements.
  • Editor Backup: If you have decided to administer the website yourself, the chances are that we have included an on-board editor to facilitate your daily editing efforts. The editors we use all have version control - you will have the ability to very easily revert to a former version (automatically saved).