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Internet Security

You may have your forms secured, you may have all of your 3rd party plugins vetted and upto date and have taken a lot of time and effort to ensure that your overall website security is of a high standard - but have you had a look at how your website interacts with other sites and platforms? Internet security is often overlooked and can quickly make all of your other security efforts useless ... here's why.

Example One

Leaving the door wide open

A marketing company offers you what sounds like a great deal - all you need to do is include one line of code in order for their analytics software to monitor traffic on your website. In many instances, you are effectively creating a 'backdoor' and giving them the key. The marketing company may well be reputable and they may only upload (or download), the information agreed upon ... but would you really know if they went a bit further? Saxon Websites™ can mitigate the risk involved in this particular scenario as we are aware of what COULD happen and would take preventative steps to ensure that your website remains safe and its internet security isn't compromised.

Example Two

Personnel changes?

You decide to change your web developer because, well, lets say he isn't all that great. Hopefully, this will be a mutually agreeable decision and even though you have your doubts about the guys ability, you are sure that he's a professional and wouldn't do anything malicious. Just to be sure though, would you know how to lock the guy out? Do you have the means? As seasoned developers who understand about general internet security, there would be a number of steps that we would take to ensure that you stay in control. Changing a developers website admin password would be totally useless if he still has FTP access to your file system or his permissions to the underlying database haven't been rebuked.

As you can clearly see from the two examples above, internet security needs to be taken seriously if your website is to stay safe and you, as its owner, are to stay out of trouble. Saxon Websites™ have procedures and protocols in place to ensure that all of its websites are safe in regard to internet security.