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Website Design

The key to creating a good-looking and successful website is to do your homework first, plan everything and know what you are trying to achieve before you ‘put pen to paper’ – to coin a phrase. A good website design is crucial for success and as a new client, you can expect to spend quite a few hours with one of our specialist developers. You will explain what you want, and he, in turn, will give you options and advise you on things that you probably weren’t aware of – because creating a good-looking website isn’t necessarily the same as creating a successful website.

Saxonwebsites™ will design you a powerful website (capable of meeting the demands of the ever-evolving internet). We will create the website to be visually stimulating and pleasing to the eye – we will ensure it works as it should and is completely functional… and above all, we will ensure that it achieves the original purpose agreed upon by ourselves in the ‘concept’ phase. The design process will include an initial consultation to get a feel for what it is that you wish to achieve including expectations and budgets. Armed with this information, we will formulate and agree with yourself a plan of attack which will include realistic timeframes and measurable benchmarks in order to monitor progress. Saxon Websites™ provides a professional website design service that encompasses all the key areas required to build a strong, effective website – a website that after all, will potentially transform your business.