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Logos & Graphic Design

With recent changes in UK copyright law pertaining to the protection of internet based images in particular, populating your website can now be a very expensive game. In an ideal world, every image on your website would be photographed or drawn specifically for your purpose by you or a company whom you have hired – however, financially this is just not viable and although we must try to adhere to the copyright laws … practicality often wins the day. If you require an image of a man running or a cat sitting, would it really be the sensible thing to hire a professional photographer or graphic designer – we don’t think so! Having said this, it must be stated that we do agree with the principle of protection for individuals work when it means that they have actually created something unique through the application of a skill, time and effort or even a technology that they have invested in.

One of the many services that we provide is helping you with your choice in logo and graphic design in general throughout your entire website. Firstly, we have a very good team of web designers with an all-round skill set that means, amongst other things, they know all about image creation and presentation – they know about shading, they know about image formatting and they understand the need for individuality and have that creative flare that inspires. Secondly, in the few cases where a client requires something that is a bit exceptional and that ‘something exceptional’ is out of our field of expertise – we can call upon the services of external photographers and graphic designers … people that we have built relationships with and can recommend as trusted professionals, often brokering you a better deal than you could get yourself as a single client.