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Blogs & Articles

Does your website have a blog and is it being maintained with daily articles and fresh content? The answer to both of these questions should be ‘yes’ for many different reasons. “But my website is a ‘business website’ and having a blog will make it look unprofessional” – we hear you say. The answer to that is simply “It can be fully integrated and seamless, there is no reason for it to look out of character or unprofessional” … you are missing out on lots of advantages and benefits.

Blogs and their articles can be a great source of fresh content, providing you have one integrated into your site and of course that you maintain it (the blog). It is very common to see websites with integrated blogs nowadays, compared to stand-alone blog sites that is – because website developers have realised that most search engines look to the articles that come with the blogs for new content or material and focuses attention on the website – a nice tool if used correctly.

Of course, blogs and articles provide a website with much more than delivering fresh material to the search engines – read below to find out how they can help you and your business. Saxon Websites™ understands the many benefits a maintained blog can provide and we also know all about successful article marketing techniques. At your request we will integrate a blog into your website and give you the means to produce and manage articles. With our blog and article features, you can open new doors and tap into new markets for your business. Blogs and articles are features that your website should have – come and talk with us if yours doesn’t.

Blogs and Articles - get indexed faster

We found this lovely little video by way of an introduction to blogs. It’s very basic, but does give a simplistic insight into what blogs are all about – enjoy. As has been mentioned, Saxon Websites highly recommends the integration of a blog into any website that is seeking to attract the attention of the search engines. It is a fact that Google and Co favour and reward dynamic sites that regularly produce new, high quality content … and it’s also a fact that a new post or article within your blog is far easier and faster to write than a new web page. But did you know that the search engines crawl and index blogs a lot faster than they do websites? Well, they do – often within minutes of you publishing your new article or post. Although blogs and articles have many advantages in regards to keeping the search engines happy, always remember, that your blogs and new content should be directed towards getting real people involved, interested and participating.

Why Blogs and Articles are important!

To understand the importance of Blogs and Articles, we need firstly to take a look into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – what it is and how it works. Consider a website that sits there and has no visitors … pretty useless right? There are probably several reasons why this hypothetical website has no visitors, but, the main one will more likely be that it is sat on page 1000 under all relevant search terms …. And nobody actually knows it’s there (bless).

Make your website appeal to the search enginesThe whole idea of SEO is to get your website rankings high enough for your website to be seen and hopefully visited. Companies achieve this by making your website appeal to the search engines so they rank you above other, less interesting websites … ask yourself … What is the main thing a search engine needs to perform its basic function? It needs information, more specifically - it needs fresh, new, current and up-to-date information. If you provide the search engine with what it needs, of course it’s going to like and promote you! There are a number of ways to artificially create fresh content, but why bother when a healthy, exciting Blog, can do it for you … naturally … all you need to do is manage the articles and direct the conversation. Blogs and articles can be a great source of information - they can be a release for people to vent frustration, a platform for boasting or a stage for demonstration. This is why the search engines love them and the websites that host them.

Having a Blog integrated into your website means that you are able to direct, edit and control the content. Your articles can be category specific and tailored to back up your websites underlying message with relevant topic-rich text, videos and images. By utilising keywords and key phrases along with carefully placed and meaningful links, your blog and related articles could fast become an excellent means to propagate your businesses online presence and will naturally attract targeted visitors to your site.

Your blogging exploits can create extra traffic for your websiteThe many articles generated from your blogging exploits, in themselves, could well create extra traffic for your site – a blog allows you to explore and discuss areas and topics that wouldn’t normally fit alongside your main websites content for example. Another good reason for having a built-in blog is the possible use of internal linking. Internal links allow search engines to understand the structure of your site – what’s important and what is less important and how categories are linked together. Linking your blog topics to areas within your website helps to achieve this and can be very rewarding if done correctly. All in all, Blogs and their Articles can be extremely useful and if your website doesn’t have a blog creating fresh content and relevant articles for both potential customers and search engines to read, then basically you are missing out. Saxon Websites™ can provide your business with the means to blog and write articles - why not come and talk with us?