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Sales Conversion

Sales conversion is a term usually associated with e-commerce websites but in reality once you have defined what exactly you mean by a Sale, the term and relevant techniques for improvement can be applied to any website. Your goal or ‘Sale’ on a website that hasn’t any products for example may be simply to fill out an application form or click on a link as a referral. Before you can improve your websites sales conversion then, you need to firstly identify what a Sale is and how you are going to measure it.

Without doubt, it is a lot harder to close a sale on the internet simply because there is no face-to-face contact and only certain types of pressure and forms of persuasion can be placed on the customer. It is widely accepted that a typical sales conversion rate for an e-commerce site is a surprisingly low 2-3% – there is however little corroborative evidence to back this up and this figure should be taken more as a statistic. This being the case, it is easy to understand the need, market and desire to convert more visitors into customers – this can be done … but not easily. Sales conversion should be viewed as a long-term project and not an overnight fix, because improving sales involves analysis, it involves research and some trial-and–error with website layout and various sales conversion techniques.

Saxon Websites™ can help you with your sales conversion because we have the tools and experience to make it happen. Not only do we map your visitor movements from page to page, we map which links they click on and how long they take reading your content – this helps us understand what is wrong with your layout and we will proffer solutions based on real figures. Sales conversion is not an exact science so we have a number of sales conversion techniques that we can use and will advise you on a way forward, a way that is tailored to your needs and right for your website – come and speak with us … our developers have years of useful sales conversion experience.