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Scalable Design

If you're only using your car to go to the store/shop once a fortnight, then you don't really need that gas-guzzling, £60K, 4X4 right? It'd be somewhat of an 'over-kill'. Saxon Websites™ works with its customers to provide a scalable service and a range of scalable websites (or applications) to meet a growing company' needs. We understand that it would be nice to have everything you'll ever need up front, but in reality, some features, some tools - well, to put it bluntly ... would be a waste of time, effort and money if, for example, you were a 'start-up' company. A company needs to walk before it can run!

Our products (websites and applications), are developed with scalability in mind as a core design concept. This allows us to provide additional features, a stronger web presence, an enhanced user experience and many other facilities to our clients ... when they need to step up a gear. A lot of what you WILL need as a competitive business will be already coded into your website (powerful websites, built for business). Pay only for what you need, when you need it - upgrade and downgrade, try and adopt or try and discard ... you are in control!