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Online Presence

Building and deploying a website is one thing, getting it found in the search engines under the right 'keywords' or 'key phrases' is another story altogether. Saxon Websites™ understands the many hoops that you will have to jump through to create a healthy online presence and uses a comprehensive suite of tools to ensure your website gets found by potential customers. Creating and setting up your online 'business profile' so that your company can be found on Google Maps, getting your important videos, reviews and unique content indexed and categorised - these are all aspects we can help with.

A simple fact is that Google is the largest search engine (in the UK and Europe, at least). There are others for sure, but keeping Google happy and playing by their rules is important when creating a robust on-line presence. With this in mind, it shouldn't come as a shock that Saxon Websites™ uses Google Search Console (alongside other tools) to get your company and website found.

Google Search Console

Create and troubleshoot your online presence

In brief, Google Search Console offers a direct line of communication between webmasters and Google, an essential tool when trying to build an online presence. It allows for proactive management of a website's health, optimization, and search performance, ensuring the best possible visibility in Google Search. Google Search Console (GSC) is an invaluable tool and it offers insights directly from Google about how it views your website and where potential issues might lie. Here's why we use GSC and the potential problems it can help identify and resolve:

  1. Monitor Site's Search Performance:
    • Why: Understand how often your site appears in Google Search results, which search queries show your site, the click-through rate of those queries, and more.
    • Problem Resolved: If there's a sudden drop in impressions or clicks, your presence online may well be impacted. GSC can help identify the cause.
  2. Check Indexing Status:
    • Why: See which pages from your site are included in Google's index.
    • Problem Resolved: Identify pages that aren't being indexed and understand why, enabling you to take corrective actions.
  3. Submit Sitemaps and Individual URLs:
    • Why: Help Google understand the structure of your site and ensure all important pages are crawled and indexed.
    • Problem Resolved: Speed up the indexing of new or updated content.
  4. Receive Alerts and View Issues Related to Indexing, Spam, or Other Topics:
    • Why: Google will notify you of any detected issues with your website.
    • Problem Resolved: Early detection of malware, potential security issues, or problematic patterns that might violate Google's guidelines. These could get your website banned and seriously harm your online presence.
  5. View Mobile Usability Issues:
    • Why: Understand how mobile-friendly your website is.
    • Problem Resolved: Identify and fix issues that could be affecting the mobile user experience, which is crucial given the increasing number of mobile users.
  6. Identify Website Loading Issues:
    • Why: GSC provides reports on how well your site performs on various devices, primarily focusing on speed.
    • Problem Resolved: Address slow-loading pages, which can negatively impact user experience and search rankings.
  7. Inspect URLs:
    • Why: Check and see how Googlebot sees specific URLs on your website, including the rendered HTML, crawlability, and more.
    • Problem Resolved: Troubleshoot individual pages that might not be performing well in search.
  8. Check Structured Data and Rich Results:
    • Why: Ensure that any structured data on your site is implemented correctly.
    • Problem Resolved: Identify and rectify issues related to structured data, ensuring rich results display correctly in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  9. Link Reports:
    • Why: View which websites link to yours and see your most linked content.
    • Problem Resolved: Understand your site's backlink profile and potentially detect unnatural linking patterns.
  10. Security and Manual Actions:
    • Why: Google will alert you if your website has any penalties due to manual actions or if there are security issues.
    • Problem Resolved: Early detection and resolution of these issues are crucial for ensuring your site remains in good standing in Google search.